Introducing 10 Awesome, Marketing Popups

Marketing Popups

We’ve just taken something great and made it even greater.


If you want to kick your marketing, email promotions, banner ads and online marketing in general up a notch and increase sales by as much as 50%, then this is for you.


These simple popups can create urgency, increase engagement, build lists and drive massive amounts of new sales.


And the best part is, you can add them to any tracking link and they work with any website, no coding or messy stuff required.


Here’s a quick rundown on the 10 types of money making popups popups we’ve got for you:


1. Onload Popup >> Try Me


This is an unblockable DHTML Popup that appears as soon as the page loads that you can add to any tracking link and website.


2. Delayed Popup >> Try Me


This is the same as above, but appears X seconds after the page loads (you pick when).


3. Exit Popup >> Try Me


This is the standard ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page’ exit popup that you’re used to seeing on one time offers and sales pages that causes your prospects to pause and maybe take a 2nd look at your offer or another.


4. Intelligent Exit Popup >> Try Me (move your mouse off the webpage)


This popup automatically detects when the user is about to leave the page (ex. clicking the back button, address bar, going to a new window etc.) and fires, thus popping up as soon as their mouse leaves the web page.


5. Exit Redirect >> Try Me


This is the standard ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page’ exit redirect that redirects your prospect to a different page or offer if they choose ‘Stay on this page.’


6. Intelligent Exit Redirect >> Try Me


This works the same way as the intelligent exit popup, but as soon as someone’s mouse leaves the page, you can instantly redirect them somewhere else.


So if someone clicks on a link and is not interested, as their mouse moves off the page, you can automatically send them to another offer or page of your choice that they might be interested in. That means you have 2 chances to make a sale from 1 click, thus doubling your chances of earning a profit. How cool is that?


7. Timed Popup >> Try Me


This is just like it sounds. A popup with a timer that starts when the user clicks on your link. When the timer runs out, you can lock the webpage, close the page or redirect to a different page altogether.


This can even be synced to the user’s computer using a cookie, so even if they reload the page or come back later it will keep counting and not reset.


This is perfect for creating real urgency, time limited promotions or simply redirecting offers that have sold out.


8. Expiring Popup >> Try Me


Similar to the Timed Popup, but expires on a date you set on your users time zone. When it expires, you can lock the page, close it or redirect the user to somewhere else.


9. Popup Subscribe Forms >> Try Me


You can now easily add a subscribe form to any link with on any website and grow your email list with just 1 click or your mouse.


This is fully integrated and works with all the leading autoresponders including:


- Aweber
- GetResponse
- iContact
- 1ShoppingCart
- ConstantContact
- And many more.


You can even download your signups in CSV format direct from your account with their full info.


10. Custom Popups >> Try Me


You can create a custom popup using any of the above options that you can add to any website. Just add your own text, images, videos or HTML content with our easy built in editor.


This is just another way you can increase clicks, engagement and make more money – brought to you by


And did we mention: ALL of these popups are now available on ALL plans.


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