NEW Feature: Link Rotation Now Available

We’re stoked to announce a new feature that will immediately be made available to our Plus, Pro and Extreme Plans: Link Rotation.


In simple terms, this will allow you to rotate your traffic from a single tracking link between multiple landing pages.


This is perfect if you’re selling clicks, solo ads or just want to send traffic to different offers you’re promoting using only a single tracking link.


Until now, the only way to do this was to use our split testing feature and split a certain percentage of traffic between landing pages.


Or if you subscribed to our Extreme plan, you could have also used our IP Rotation feature to rotate landing pages by based on how many times a prospect has clicked on the link.


Our new link rotation module works similarly, but it much easier to use and a whole lot more flexible.


Instead of splitting traffic between landing pages based on percentages, you can now rotate clicks between different landing pages and specify the exact number of clicks you want to send to each one and how you want to do it. And of course, you can specify if you want those to be unique clicks or just normal clicks.


There’s a few ways you can distribute them…


1. In Order: This would send traffic to each URL in the order you’ve chosen until it reaches the threshold you set, where it would go to the next link. So, if you wanted to send 100 clicks to your first landing page, it would send 100 clicks to it, then move onto the 2nd landing page and so on.


2. Proportionally: This would proportionally distribute the traffic between all landing pages based on the percentage of the clicks each landing page is getting relative to the others. So, if you had 3 URL’s you were rotating between and wanted to send 100 clicks to the first one, 200 to the second one and 300 to the third URL, it would send the first click to the first URL, the next 2 clicks to the second one and then 3 clicks to the third one, then start the rotation over again.


3. Randomly: This would of course randomly distribute traffic between all your different landing pages until each individual threshold is met.


And of course, there is a ‘Redirect All Others To’ option that lets you send any leftover traffic to the page of your choice.


We think this is a really cool feature that will make even better and help make your promotions even more profitable :)


Take a look at the screenshot below and let us know what you think:


Link Rotation Screenshot From