10 Ways Click.org Can Make You More Money

If you’re like most online marketers, small business owners and affiliates, you’re losing out on a lot of potential profits because you’re wasting your clicks.


That’s why we created Click.org – to help you optimize the clicks you’re already getting and get more clicks so you can increase your sales, leads and commissions.


Click.org is used by thousands of marketers, small businesses and affiliates because it makes them more money.


Up to 50% more. That’s HUGE!


And it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving traffic to your own products and services, or other people’s offers as an affiliate for a commission.


Here’s 10 quick and easy ways that Click.org can make you more money online:


#1 Add urgency to the offer you’re promoting by adding a countdown timer or expiry date. This is a great way to give people an incentive to buy now vs. later or never.


#2 Rotate multiple clicks from the same person to different sales page variations or other offers increasing the chances they’ll buy.


#3 Collect opt-ins when buying traffic and promoting other people’s offers so you can follow-up by email increasing the chances you’ll make the sale.


#4 Split test your landing pages or affiliate promotions and send more traffic to the ones that convert the best.


#5 When promoting CPA offers or offers that only allow traffic from certain countries, geo target the traffic and send all the other traffic somewhere else that will pay you for your sales.


#6 Redirect mobile traffic to a mobile friendly landing page or other offer that is mobile friendly.


#7 Add social media buttons to your promotions from sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus for free shares, likes and extra clicks.


#8 Cloak your affiliate links to prevent commission theft and shorten long ugly tracking links to increase clicks.


#9 Monitor and track your traffic sources so you can ramp up the ones which are doing the best and eliminate the ones that aren’t.


#10 Track your clicks, conversions and traffic data so you can analyze the stats in detail so you can see what’s working and what’s not.


#11 BONUS: Sign up for our affiliate program, recommend Click.org to everyone you know and get paid $50/sale – how easy is that?


If you want to give a significant boost to your online promotions, sign up for a Click.org account now and use as many of these techniques as you can.


If you’re not using Click.org – you are losing money.


This is going to change the way you market online…