How To Increase Email Deliverability, Open Rates & Clicks

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What if there was a quick and effective way that you could not only destroy your competition but get a guaranteed 10-25% instant increase in email clicks and traffic?


Good news… there is!


We are thrilled to announce the beta release of our custom IPs. This is your chance to have your own unique, squeaky clean IP address that only YOU can use.


This new upgrade will generate a dedicated, clean IP address unique to you and only you… for all of your links. This simple tweak will give you the absolute highest deliverability that’s humanely possible. In fact, it’s kind of be like sending personal emails.


Why is this so important?


Well, if you’re anything like us, you probably rely on email for a lot of the traffic you send to your offers or other people’s offers.


The problem is, spam and promotion filters are getting more and more aggressive and all too often they land your legitimate email in someone’s junk box or it gets filtered out as spam. If you do any sort of email marketing including buying solo ads, spots in newsletters, ad swaps or even market to your own email list, you could be losing some serious coin.


The delivery of emails based on the links contained within them can differ vastly and that’s one of the reasons why you should never use a free link shortener, cloaker or tracker. Since so many other people use these free link shorteners (many of them spammers), and since all the links are from the same site and IP address, you risk having your emails lumped in with the spammers and your emails are automatically marked as junk or spam and don’t get delivered.


Even though we don’t allow spammers to use and we monitor and track everything very carefully, because of the sheer volume of email messages that go out each day with a tracking link, some ESP’s (Email Service Providers) see that as a characteristic of junk email and may be slightly more likely to classify your message as junk, making it less likely to be delivered.


Adding a custom domain name to your account (included with all accounts) will completely avoid this entire problem. If you’re sending or planning to send more than 100 clicks per day, having your very own custom, squeaky clean IP address that only YOU can use could make your ROI seriously increase. And depending on the volume you send each month, that could add up to hundreds or thousands more clicks or dollars.


To be among the first to sign up, login to your account, click this link and add it today for just $97 a month.


And as an added bonus, the team will ensure your IP and domain name stays squeaky clean – by monitoring your site on over 20 of the most popular spam and blacklists. That’s a $50/month bonus, yours free.


And of course, this is all backed by our same 30-day no risk guarantee. If you aren’t ecstatic about it, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny – so it’s a no risk, all reward investment.


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