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Furthermore, you can use our Link rotation, Link cloaking, IP Redirection, Viral Bar, Mobile Optimization tools and our customizable popups to increase your sales and commissions and make a whole lot more money!


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Happy 2018 From

Happy 2018 to everyone! A month into the new year (after fully recovering from the holidays), we’re stoked and ready to make 2018 our best year yet!


If you thought brought a lot of cool and innovative ways to make your internet marketing better in 2017, then just wait until you see what we have in store for you this year! We have so many exciting things launching that it just might blow your mind :)


But first, for any newbies reading this post, let’s go through a quick recap about what happened in 2017…


To start, never looked as beautiful as it does right now. In 2017, our superior team of designers and developers worked side-by-side in re-designing, engineering and finally launching 3.0 – the best click tracking software the internet has ever seen! 3.0 was and still is a big deal for our members. We not only gave our software a BIG splash of colour, we made it so much more user friendly, customizable and mobile friendly on all devices -that means you can use our on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet and anything else you can possibly think of!


Apart from making it more responsive and colourful, we replaced some of our old tools like our Link Rotator and Conversion Tracking system with more advanced and intelligent ones and added a bunch of new stuff.


Our Link Rotator can now set max clicks, max daily clicks, bonus clicks, min or max T1 clicks, mobile clicks, start date, end date and geo target your clicks on each link in the rotation and more.


You can even add a unique description to every link in the rotator, save clicks with our Click Saver button and enable email notifications so you can be notified when a link reaches the max clicks.


Since the launch of our super intelligent rotator, our solo ad members have been able to better manage their business and have made so much more money in the process!


For our Conversion Tracking System, we changed our algorithm, so our members could squeeze more stat from their campaigns. You can now track more things now like pageviews, chargebacks, EPC, total refunds, signups, profit etc. using as many dynamic variables as you’d like throughout your entire sales funnel. Plus, you can create and save conversions to use on more than one link.


Pretty sweet, huh?


But wait! There’s more…


We also added some brand-new features! Some of these features include…


Live Clickstream: You can now watch all your clicks and conversions come in line on our brand-new clickstream. It’s fully animated and updated every single second on the dashboard of your account so you can see your clicks and other data in real time, as it happens.


Email Open & Click Tracking: This allows you to track your open and click through rates, so you can now see how many people are opening your emails, who’s opening them and clicking on the links inside. This is super helpful to our members who run a lot of email marketing campaigns and tracking which clicks convert and which don’t.


Sales Funnel: This feature enables you to create and track an entire sales funnels from the first sign, through to all your up-sells, down-sells and backend high ticket offers. You can track everything from sales, leads, page views, signups, even refunds and chargebacks.


Double Meta Refresh: We now allow you to completely hide your referring sites so that no one can see where your traffic is coming from. This is super useful for CPA and affiliate marketers with secret traffic sources.


Archive: We added an archive option to our members area, so, instead of deleting your links completely, you can archive them and reactivate them again whenever you want!


Cost per Click: You can now track of how much you’re paying for ads vs. how many sales your making per click and can include everything from dynamic cost per clicks, up to refunds and your overall ROI.


Custom Tracking Parameters: You can now add and create as many custom tracking parameters as you want, per link.


Customizable Stats: You can totally customize the stats you want to see for each link, add or remove them at any given time and we’ll save all your choices for you. Plus, we now have over 20 options for the stats you want to see from email opens to your ROI, cost per click and more.


The list could go on and on, but enough about last year…


Let talk about THIS Year.


So, what kind of nifty tools and features do we have install for you this year?


A lot.


Some of these include…


Marketing Popup Templates: This year we’ll be launching our new and improved marketing popups, complete with premade templates you can customize. This feature will include over a dozen different modern, attention grabbing and sales making popup templates. So, for those of you who just don’t have the times to create an exciting and effective popup, don’t worry because we have you covered!


You’ll have all kinds of ready-to-use popups templates like a countdown timer, opt-in forms, promotional and video popups. All of which are going to help you create more urgency, build your list and chance of making a sale. You’re going to love them all… and if you don’t (which we doubt!), you’ll also be able to create your very own! Plus we’ll be adding more all the time based on your feedback.


Inner Circle: For those of you who are just starting out in the internet marketing game and are looking for a place to bounce ideas around, get some constructive feedback on your websites or just connect with others in the internet marketing world… then look no further than! Because this year, we’re going to be launching the Inner Circle!


The Inner Circle will be a paid forum that you’ll be able to access from within your account. It will be an exclusive space where you can get feedback about your campaigns from our very experienced marketing specialists and others in your industry so that you can triumph your competitors and increase your sales. More details to come soon.


Enterprise Plans: Are you operating a big business and have a lot of employees working on your marking campaigns? Or do you run a marketing agency with multiple clients? And do you want to give them all the ability to create tracking links and track their stats in their own accounts that you can control from a master account?


If your answer is yes, then our Enterprise plans may be perfect for your business.


This plan will allow you to track way more clicks, create way more tracking link and sub-accounts for all your employees or clients that you can control from a master account.


This new plan will be a great way to keep on top of everything and foresee how you can make improvements and increase the success of your business or others and scale things as they fit your needs.


Text Notifications: We’re taking click tracking, click optimization and click management and taking it up a notch. Besides email notifications which are easy to miss, you’ll soon be able to have the option to receive notifications via text or SMS message as well!


So, if you’re link is down, your payment is due, you reached a goal, your clicks have reached its cap, you’ve made a sale, you’ve made a lead and so on, we can send you a text alert to notify you asap. It’s all customizable and can be setup however you like.


API: We will soon be releasing a full API. This mean you will officially be able to use other systems, websites, developers etc .to create links and get link stats using API requests based off the proprietary backend system.


Anyways, that’s just a few of things already in the works for in 2018. I’m sure there will be a lot more in store as the year progresses and we live up to being the #1 click tracking service for online marketers by being the most innovative click tracking service the world has ever seen!


With that said, the list of tools and features we’re going to arm you with this year are endless…. because our goal for 2018 is to really help you step up your game and kick butt in internet marketing.


If you aren’t already a member, then now is the time because we’re offering 20% OFF all our incredible plans!


All you need to do is click here:, select a plan, enter this special code “20%OFF” and that’s it. Too easy!


P.S. If you have any new features you’d like to see, drop a comment below and let us know!

INTRODUCING: Premium Tracking Domains

Short links just got prettier!


Instead of your tracking link being the standard, when you use our Premium Domains Upgrade, your links can look like this or

While these links can be used anywhere, if you do email marketing, blogging, article marketing, press releases or anything where people see the link they’re clicking, you’re guaranteed to get more clicks with these bad boys.


Premium domains are not only more trusted by customers but are also more attractive and even more likely to be clicked on.


And did we mention that each premium domain has their own custom IP address? What does that mean? Better email deliverability, open rates and more clicks (more info here). And more clicks means more sales, leads and $$$ in your bank account.


It’s like a massive double whammy, so if you’re planning on generating more than a few hundred clicks each month (and who isn’t) these are easily going to make you more $$$ – plus you’ll look cooler and your customers will trust you more.


We spent over $20,000 on these domains and you can get access to our 10 premium domains like,, for just $49/month. That’s less than $5 each.


HURRY though – we’re only allowing 100 users into this upgrade to preserve its awesomeness and effectiveness. Just go here to add it ASAP:

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10 Tips To Increase Your Sales, Leads & Commissions

It doesn’t matter if you’re an email marketer, affiliate marketer, work on the marketing team of a small or large company, generate leads for your business, or sell your own products and services – there’s one thing that you’re always searching for…MORE TRAFFIC!


Because more traffic means more sales, right? Wrong.


Anyone with a few bucks can go out and get traffic – it’s not that hard to stick some ads on Facebook, start up a PPC campaign or buy a solo email ad.


The real challenge is making that traffic convert into sales, leads or commissions, so that it leads to more cash than you spent to get it.


That’s where most marketers fail…


The great news is we just published a report on 10 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales, Leads & Commissions. And the even better news is that it is 100% free as our gift to you.


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IMPORTANT: Link Uptime Tracking

Link Uptime MonitoringImagine you just did a big media buy, purchased a large email or newsletter ad or started up a PPC campaign and the link to the offer you’re promoting, all of a sudden, stops working…


You could literally be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted clicks without knowing it. Even if you miss out on just a few clicks while a site is down, one or more of those could have been a sale that is lost forever. Forever, ever.


This is why we take uptime at very seriously and fully guarantee it. But what if the destination URL of the site or offer you’re promoting goes down?


Unless you have time to sit at your computer all day long and constantly check and monitor all your promotions to make sure they’re online 24/7, you’d have no way of knowing until you noticed a significant drop in sales or leads, which could take days or more to show up.


Let’s face it – sites go down, affiliate offers get pulled and sh*t happens all the time online.


When it does, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that you’re not going to make any sales, let alone the brand damage that could be done.


We’d hate to see you lose $$$ when there’s no reason to.


That’s why we’re happy to release one of our newest upgrades: Link Uptime Tracking.


For a very low monthly fee, we’ll monitor all of your tracking link destinations 24/7/365. If one of them ever goes down or stops working, you’ll be the first to know – not your prospects or customers.


We’ll send you an email right away letting you know that you need to take action so you can take control and send your traffic somewhere else or pause it (if possible) and get the problem fixed before anyone even realizes there was an issue.


Depending on your volume of monthly clickage – this could save you a lot of wasted $$$ and save face at the same time.


And the even better news is that it’s only $20/month for us to monitor all the tracking link destinations in your entire account and check and confirm that they’re online in real time every 5 minutes.


Or, if time is not of the essence, we will check them every 30 minutes for you for just $10/month.


To add this essential upgrade to your account click here or log into your account and click on the ‘AddOns’ menu under ‘My Account.’


You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.



Guaranteed ‘Click Tracking’ Uptime

Here at, we take uptime very seriously. In fact, we 100% guarantee it.

If your links aren’t working, you’re not making money, generating opt-ins, leads or getting traffic to your sites.


That’s a waste of time and money and is why we do everything possible to ensure 100.00% uptime including using multiple redundant servers, built in fail safes and taking real time backups.


We know you need a click tracking service you can use and trust without worrying whether or not your links are up and working.


That’s why monitor everything 24/7/365 around the clock so you can be rest assured that your links will always be live.


We even back it by a money back guarantee: If in any given month, our uptime falls below 99.9% for any reason* we will refund half your monthly payment. If it falls below 99.8%, we will refund your entire monthly payment.


And we’re 100% transparent – you can check our uptime anytime at:


Click tracking is all we do and that’s why we do it best.


As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear them.


* Uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance and upgrades (approx. once per quarter), network conditions across the internet (outside of our network) and DDoS or other attacks.

What Is Click Tracking?

What Is Click Tracking?In simplest terms, click tracking is the tracking or recording of clicks from any marketing or promotional campaign on the internet. They could be clicks from a banner promotion, email blast, media buy, PPC ads, blog post, social media campaign or anything else you do to get traffic to a website or landing page.


And decent click tracking or link tracking software will record basic data like the time of the click and where it came from (the referring website) while some of the better click tracking software will record things like the country the click originated in, the web browser and operating system the ‘clicker’ is using, their IP address and so on.


They’ll also be able to tell you if the click is unique (one click per computer/user) or not unique (any extra clicks from the same computer/user) and record the data so you can analyze it later.


Most click tracking services can also shorten and cloak links and some can even do things like let you specify the redirect type (good for SEO), password protect links, set expiry dates or click limits and rotate the clicks to different landing pages.


But why should you care about tracking your clicks anyways?


Well, for starters, if you’re paying for an email blast or banner ad or PPC ads, you want to make sure you get what you’re paying for by measuring and recording the clicks your campaign gets.


But more importantly, good click tracking software tracks more than just clicks – it tracks conversions. And conversions let you know how hot – or not so hot – your marketing campaigns are actually doing.


Click and conversion tracking lets you know if your ad spend was successful and if you returned a positive return on your investment (ROI) so you know if you need to ramp up your marketing campaign, trash it or make some tweaks and changes.


And any quality click tracking software can actually help you test these tweaks and changes by having built in A/B split testing functionality. This will allow you to compare one change or tweak to another so you can see which pages convert the best, which tweaks will help to increase conversions and which ones won’t.


Any marketer knows that these little tweaks and changes add up and can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.  We’re talking increases in clicks to conversions of 100’s of percent, which is a pretty big deal.


More advanced click tracking software can also do a lot more than track clicks… it can optimize them as well – often in real time.


That means that based on environmental variables, like where the click came from, how many times they’ve clicked the link, which pages they’ve visited in the past, the device they’re using and so on, the click can be redirected to the page or offer that’s likely to convert the best.


This allows you to do things like send US traffic to a version of your pages optimized for visitors from the United States or send mobile traffic to a mobile ready page. Or if someone didn’t buy or sign up on your site the first time around, you can send them to a different page if they click the same link again.


These more advanced features allow you to optimize your clicks and traffic so you can get a much better return from the same marketing dollars. When you combine that with split testing and conversion tracking, your online marketing campaigns will become nearly unstoppable.


When you think about it, click tracking and optimization seems like a really simple concept – you can get more from the same things you’re already doing by optimizing any marketing or promotional campaign until it’s spitting out cash. So why aren’t you doing it?


There is absolutely no more powerful tool in a modern marketer’s toolbox then having real-time access to all of their stats for any marketing campaign and being able to optimize and tweak it on the fly.


That’s why we built is a purpose-built and designed software solution that we host so you track every single detail about how your prospects interact with your marketing – as well as a whole host of other mission critical data and details. Then we display everything in full definition color charts and graphs so you can analyze it, view it, share it and tweak it for maximum results.


In fact, does everything we’ve talked about above… and more… making it the ultimate click tracking software for marketers.


If you want a totally unfair advantage over your competition, then sign up now!