Track Your Email Opens… Improve Everything

Email Open Tracking


Just when you thought we’d done it all (with over 30 different features designed to improve your performance) – is making your life a whole lot easier!


That’s right –  we’ve officially added email open tracking to our list of awesome features. No other click tracking software offers this and it’s just another reason is #1!


So, instead of just tracking your email clicks, we now track your open rates too.


That means that every time you send out an email to your list, can track how many opens you get, when they open it, who opens it and who clicks. (Like all email open tracking, this only works for your HTML emails.) Plus we can track each click right through your entire sales funnel so you can see who converts into a sale, signup or commission.


Cool, huh?


Your open rate and conversion are about to reach new heights. Here’s 3 reasons why:


1. Timing is everything. It’s important to elevate at which time you get the most activity and set your sending schedule according. By doing this you will not only improve your open rate but also retain your list and increase conversions and $$$.


Certain times of day or even certain days may lead to more conversions than others and if you’re not tracking your emails open, click and conversion rates in one easy to use interface, you’d never know any better. That means you’re ultimately losing $$$.


2. Build better subscribers.  When you track your email opens and clicks, you’ll know exactly which of your subscribers are actively engaging with the information and links you send them and can reward them with special offers, content or freebies.


Using a simple email token you can export exactly who clicked your links enabling you to build lists of ‘opens’ or ‘clicks’ or lists of subscribers who converted into some kind of ‘conversion’ and save them for that special promotion or give them extra content or rewards for being actively engaged.


Or you can send the ‘non-clickers’ free swag to re-engage them and get them to like you again :) If that doesn’t work, then you can simply remove them to save on wasted emails and added costs.


3. Track your email opens to clicks to conversions ratio. An email with a great subject line but poor content may get a lot of opens but not that many clicks. And a shorter email with a good subject and a strong call to action may get a lot of clicks, but not a lot of conversions.


Most email and autoresponder companies will track your email opens and even the clicks, but they don’t track what happens after that – meaning the conversions and that’s what we really care about.


Getting a good email open and click through rate is great, but making sales or getting leads or earning commissions is even better.


Obviously. you need to get people to open your emails and then click on the link before you can get any conversions, but getting more opens or clicks doesn’t necessarily lead to more conversions. A different subject, content or call to action can help to ‘presell’ the prospect and lead to more conversions, but if you’re not testing it, you won’t know. And the only way to really test that is to track it all using


To top it all off, the best the about using to track your email open rates is that you get to use our very own intelligent split testing tool along with it and see all the results in at a glance!


This mean you can split test different variations of the content you send out and compare them against each other to see which is the most effective.  I bet your autoresponder doesn’t tell you this… but will.


While email autoresponder companies may track your open rates for you… they don’t track email open rates, sales, commissions and clicks. And they certainly don’t optimize and target them the way does.


We have over 30 features designed to get you more clicks, sales, signups and commissions. So, if you don’t have a account (duh) signup for a free trial today and start improving your campaigns right away.