Link Rotation On Steroids

Link Rotation On SteroidsIf you sell solo ads, newsletter spots or any kind of other ‘emails clicks’ and are looking to take things to the next level, then you need to check this out.


As part of 3.0, we now have the most advanced Link Rotator on the market. It can do everything you’ve ever thought of… and more. We’ve added heaps of new features and significantly improved the existing ones.


If you’re looking for an easier, better and more resourceful ways to manage your clicks, maximize your profits and ensure your customers are 100% satisfied, then you need to get in on this.


We gave our Link Rotator a complete, money making makeover…and replaced it with a more advanced, intuitive and powerful feature packed rotation system than ever before:


Link Rotation Screenshot

Let’s run down some of the options, filters and super cool features that you can use to help manage and rotate your clicks better than any other click tracking software can. And all these settings are unique per link in the rotator, so they can be as flexible as you are :)


Max Clicks: Don’t worry about losing money by sending your customer more clicks than they paid for, as before, you can set the max clicks for each link in the rotator and choose if you want them to be raw or unique clicks – it’s up to you.


That means that not only enable you to accurately distribute your clicks, but you can ensure that none of your clicks go to waste and money does not go to the bin.


Max Daily Clicks: Same as above, but if you sell daily click subscriptions and want to ensure your customers are only getting what they pay for per day, then our max daily clicks option is great for you!


This option will allow you to add a limit for the max number of clicks that you want to send to your customers per day to help you maintain customer satisfaction and prevent wasted clicks, all automatically.


Bonus Clicks: If you want to send your customers bonus clicks to keep them super thrilled with your service and ensure no clicks get lost in the mail, just set a percentage of bonus clicks to add into the mix and we’ll sort out the numbers for you.


T1 Traffic: Do you guarantee your customers a certain amount of Tier 1 traffic, or traffic from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand?


Instead of setting up separate Geo Targeted links, you can now choose the exact % of Tier 1 traffic you want to send and will sort it out automatically. No math, no fuss and happy customers – what more could you want?


Mobile Traffic: Depending on the offer, some people like mobile traffic and some don’t, so why not send them what they want?


If you’ve guaranteed your customers a max of 30% mobile clicks or gone all in with 100% mobile traffic, you can easily enter the percentage and our intelligent system will automatically send that exact amount of mobile traffic to your customers, easy peasy.


This will not only take the stress off management but will ensure your customer always come out smiling.


Start / End Dates: Are you tired of losing sleep over when to start or stop sending clicks to your customers? As we say her in Australia, ‘no worries mate.’ You can choose when you want to start sending clicks or when you want them to stop – it’s all up to you. If you’re feeling organized, schedule things in advance, or if a promotion is ending in a limited time, stop the clicks on time.


Geo Targeting: You’ve always been able to Geo Target your traffic exactly how you want to, but not you can do it in the convenience of the link rotator. No more creating separate tracking links or going to all that extra fuss – you can manage it all in one place.


If you want to send clicks only from Australia and send everything else somewhere else, no problem – you’re in full control of all your clicks and where they go.


Email Notifications: Do you like to be notified when a link reaches the Max clicks so you don’t waste hours of the day checking up on things to make sure they’re going the way you want?


No problem.


We can send you a convenient email communication to your desktop, smartphone, tablet or any other email enabled device – just check the email notifications box and we’ll look after the rest.


Link Descriptions: Don’t remember what that ugly tracking link is for? You can now add a unique description for every link in the rotator – or add any other notes you’d like. It’s too easy.


Archive Your Links: Another awesome feature we’ve added for you is an Archive button. When you’re done with a link and sent it all the clicks it wants, there’s no sense keeping it around and taking up real estate.


Hit the archive button to move it to a special Archived Links page where all the stats and click data will be available if you need them, without clogging up space.


Click Saver: This is a cool feature that was only previously available with our Extreme plan, but it now comes standard with the New Link Rotation system.


Save your unique clicks and maximize your profits!


This feature enables you to automatically send multiple clicks from the same person to a different link so you’re not sending them back to the same ad spot over and over when they’ve already been there and done that.

We want to make sure that your click selling life is a lot better, easier and more fun – and most importantly keep you massively in the green which is why we’re always improving to stay #1.


If you don’t have an account yet, try one for 14 days on us – click here!


If there’s something else cool you’d like to see us do, let us know in the comments below.