IMPORTANT: Link Uptime Tracking

Link Uptime MonitoringImagine you just did a big media buy, purchased a large email or newsletter ad or started up a PPC campaign and the link to the offer you’re promoting, all of a sudden, stops working…


You could literally be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted clicks without knowing it. Even if you miss out on just a few clicks while a site is down, one or more of those could have been a sale that is lost forever. Forever, ever.


This is why we take uptime at very seriously and fully guarantee it. But what if the destination URL of the site or offer you’re promoting goes down?


Unless you have time to sit at your computer all day long and constantly check and monitor all your promotions to make sure they’re online 24/7, you’d have no way of knowing until you noticed a significant drop in sales or leads, which could take days or more to show up.


Let’s face it – sites go down, affiliate offers get pulled and sh*t happens all the time online.


When it does, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that you’re not going to make any sales, let alone the brand damage that could be done.


We’d hate to see you lose $$$ when there’s no reason to.


That’s why we’re happy to release one of our newest upgrades: Link Uptime Tracking.


For a very low monthly fee, we’ll monitor all of your tracking link destinations 24/7/365. If one of them ever goes down or stops working, you’ll be the first to know – not your prospects or customers.


We’ll send you an email right away letting you know that you need to take action so you can take control and send your traffic somewhere else or pause it (if possible) and get the problem fixed before anyone even realizes there was an issue.


Depending on your volume of monthly clickage – this could save you a lot of wasted $$$ and save face at the same time.


And the even better news is that it’s only $20/month for us to monitor all the tracking link destinations in your entire account and check and confirm that they’re online in real time every 5 minutes.


Or, if time is not of the essence, we will check them every 30 minutes for you for just $10/month.


To add this essential upgrade to your account click here or log into your account and click on the ‘AddOns’ menu under ‘My Account.’


You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.