BRAND NEW: Advanced Fraud, Bot & Email Filtering

We’ve been so busy working behind the scenes to make even better, that we haven’t had time to update you with some of the new shenanigans we’ve got going on.


One of the first things you may have noticed is that we’ve moved the Geo Targeting, Mobile Filtering & Split Testing under a new heading on the new link page: Filters.


This is because we’ve added in 3 new Traffic Filters.


Fraud Filtering: This is just as it sounds. Using a custom algorithm, we can combat click fraud by filtering out fraudulent clicks.


Bot Filtering: If you’re buying traffic, you want to make sure it’s real and not from an automated robot, search engine spider or other web creepy crawler. That’s what Bot Filtering does – filters out any type of automated, non-human click.


Email Filtering: If you want to make sure the clicks your sending or receiving are email based, you can use this filter to filter out any non-email based clicks.


If you’re selling email ads, maybe you want to send them to an affiliate offer and not a paying customer… or if you’re buying solo ads, you can use this to make sure the clicks you’re getting are legit, email based.


It’s up to you what you decide to do. You can simply track the filtered clicks, or send them to another link or offer altogether. And of course, all of these stats are available on your link’s stats page in your account. You can choose whether you want to include them in the main stats and conversions, or filter them out into a separate stats table.




While we were at it, we updated our Geo Targeting as well, so now you can specify the exact percent of top-tier traffic you want to send to an offer, from any countries you choose.


This is perfect if you’re selling solo ads or email promotions to your list and want to guarantee 80 or 90% top-tier traffic to your customers.


Just pick the top-tier countries you want to use (typically United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland), choose the % of top-tier traffic you want to send to the offer and will make sure it happens.


Then you can send all the extra clicks somewhere else where you can get paid for them, make a sale or earn a commission. This is just another way puts more $$$ in your pocket.


Bonus #2:


We also did the same thing for mobile traffic, so you can specify the % of mobile traffic you send to any link, or filter it out completely. It’s just gone live today – enjoy!


Any suggestions or new features you want to see, let us know – we’re here for you!