3.0 – The Next Evolution Of Click Tracking Software…

The Next Evolution Of Click Tracking SoftwareAfter 10+ months of development, debugging and beta testing, we’re crazy excited to announce the launch of 3.0!!!


This is seriously like nothing you have ever seen before and is absolutely leading-edge technology. 3.0 takes click tracking to the next level and ups the game for the next generation of click tracking software.


Besides a brand-new design, we’ve also added heaps of new features, made it more intuitive, responsive, faster and easier to use and are giving you access to even more stats, custom parameters and all other kinds of features and detail.


Here’s just a taste of what’s up:


It’s Fully Responsive


Responsive Click Tracking

Yes – everything is now 100% fully responsive. That means it works on your PC’s, Mac’s, smart phone, tablet and virtually everything else.


It’s not just mobile or tablet friendly so it ‘works’ – it’s optimized for pretty much any platform you can throw at it. We even tested it on a laptop from the 1990’s!


Live Clickstream


Lice Clickstream

This is really cool! You can literally watch your clicks and conversions come in live on our brand new clickstream which is fully animated and updated every single second on the dashboard of your account.


When you start a promotion, buy an ad or send an email, you get to watch the results live, in real time as they actually happen. Besides looking totally rad, you can see how well your stuff is doing straight away.


Customizable Stats


Select Your Stats


You have more flexibility (and more stats) than ever before and besides your basic click stats, you can choose from 20 other stats to display on your link stats page – from your sales and refunds, to your email opens and signups. And we also calculate all kinds of numbers for you, like your ad cost, return on investment (ROI), earnings per click (EPC) and profit.


You can fully customize the stats you want to see for each link, add or remove them at any time and we’ll save your choices for you. Plus, you can hit the share button and share them with whoever…


Amazing New Features


With the new rollout of 3.0, we’ve released some amazing new features such as:


Email Open & Click Tracking: is the first click tracking software to be able to track your email opens for you. We can also track who opens them and who clicks on the link… if they buy, what they buy and virtually anything else right through your entire sales funnel.


Double Meta Refresh: Worried that someone might find out about your secret traffic source or copy your campaigns? Don’t be. With the Double Meta Refresh, we’ll hide your referring sites for you for good so that no one can see where your traffic is coming from.


Custom Tracking Parameters: You’ve always been able to add Tracking Id’s or TID’s to links, but now you can also add and create as many custom tracking parameters as you want, per link – the sky is the limit.


Save Conversions & Sales Funnels


Now you can save all your conversions and choose them from a list and make them unique per link, or available globally. That means you can use the same conversion on more than one link, but still see all the stats and click data individually or as a group.


You can also create and track entire sales funnels from the first signup, through all your upsells and downsells to the backend high ticket offers. And with our email open tracking, you can track all this from the moment they open your emails.


Does Your Click Tracking Have All This?


If you’re not using, then the answer is a resounding NO!


Not to toot our own horn (too much), but nobody else comes close to what we do or the detail and accuracy in which we do it. And what makes it even better, is that our pricing has not changed in the over 5 years since we launched.


If you’re already a member, just hit the slider on your dashboard to up your click tracking game to version 3.0. If you’re not a user, see what you’re missing out on – sign up for an account today or if you need more convincing, try a free trial on us.


All new members will have access to 3.0 straight away and current members will have up to 30 days to make the switch before their account gets updated automatically to version 3.0 – but we’d recommend you do it right away and check this bad boy out.