INTRODUCING: Premium Tracking Domains

Short links just got prettier!


Instead of your tracking link being the standard, when you use our Premium Domains Upgrade, your links can look like this or

While these links can be used anywhere, if you do email marketing, blogging, article marketing, press releases or anything where people see the link they’re clicking, you’re guaranteed to get more clicks with these bad boys.


Premium domains are not only more trusted by customers but are also more attractive and even more likely to be clicked on.


And did we mention that each premium domain has their own custom IP address? What does that mean? Better email deliverability, open rates and more clicks (more info here). And more clicks means more sales, leads and $$$ in your bank account.


It’s like a massive double whammy, so if you’re planning on generating more than a few hundred clicks each month (and who isn’t) these are easily going to make you more $$$ – plus you’ll look cooler and your customers will trust you more.


We spent over $20,000 on these domains and you can get access to our 10 premium domains like,, for just $49/month. That’s less than $5 each.


HURRY though – we’re only allowing 100 users into this upgrade to preserve its awesomeness and effectiveness. Just go here to add it ASAP: