What Is Click Tracking?

What Is Click Tracking?In simplest terms, click tracking is the tracking or recording of clicks from any marketing or promotional campaign on the internet. They could be clicks from a banner promotion, email blast, media buy, PPC ads, blog post, social media campaign or anything else you do to get traffic to a website or landing page.


And decent click tracking or link tracking software will record basic data like the time of the click and where it came from (the referring website) while some of the better click tracking software will record things like the country the click originated in, the web browser and operating system the ‘clicker’ is using, their IP address and so on.


They’ll also be able to tell you if the click is unique (one click per computer/user) or not unique (any extra clicks from the same computer/user) and record the data so you can analyze it later.


Most click tracking services can also shorten and cloak links and some can even do things like let you specify the redirect type (good for SEO), password protect links, set expiry dates or click limits and rotate the clicks to different landing pages.


But why should you care about tracking your clicks anyways?


Well, for starters, if you’re paying for an email blast or banner ad or PPC ads, you want to make sure you get what you’re paying for by measuring and recording the clicks your campaign gets.


But more importantly, good click tracking software tracks more than just clicks – it tracks conversions. And conversions let you know how hot – or not so hot – your marketing campaigns are actually doing.


Click and conversion tracking lets you know if your ad spend was successful and if you returned a positive return on your investment (ROI) so you know if you need to ramp up your marketing campaign, trash it or make some tweaks and changes.


And any quality click tracking software can actually help you test these tweaks and changes by having built in A/B split testing functionality. This will allow you to compare one change or tweak to another so you can see which pages convert the best, which tweaks will help to increase conversions and which ones won’t.


Any marketer knows that these little tweaks and changes add up and can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.  We’re talking increases in clicks to conversions of 100’s of percent, which is a pretty big deal.


More advanced click tracking software can also do a lot more than track clicks… it can optimize them as well – often in real time.


That means that based on environmental variables, like where the click came from, how many times they’ve clicked the link, which pages they’ve visited in the past, the device they’re using and so on, the click can be redirected to the page or offer that’s likely to convert the best.


This allows you to do things like send US traffic to a version of your pages optimized for visitors from the United States or send mobile traffic to a mobile ready page. Or if someone didn’t buy or sign up on your site the first time around, you can send them to a different page if they click the same link again.


These more advanced features allow you to optimize your clicks and traffic so you can get a much better return from the same marketing dollars. When you combine that with split testing and conversion tracking, your online marketing campaigns will become nearly unstoppable.


When you think about it, click tracking and optimization seems like a really simple concept – you can get more from the same things you’re already doing by optimizing any marketing or promotional campaign until it’s spitting out cash. So why aren’t you doing it?


There is absolutely no more powerful tool in a modern marketer’s toolbox then having real-time access to all of their stats for any marketing campaign and being able to optimize and tweak it on the fly.


That’s why we built Click.org.


Click.org is a purpose-built and designed software solution that we host so you track every single detail about how your prospects interact with your marketing – as well as a whole host of other mission critical data and details. Then we display everything in full definition color charts and graphs so you can analyze it, view it, share it and tweak it for maximum results.


In fact, Click.org does everything we’ve talked about above… and more… making it the ultimate click tracking software for marketers.


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