How to Add an Add-On to Your Account

Since September 2015, has launched 3
new products as Add-Ons to customer’s plans.

To find out more details about each Add-On click

1. Custom IP Address ($97/147 per month)
The custom IP address Add-On is ideal for people
who do any sort of email marketing including
buying solo ads, spots in newsletters, ad swaps
or marketing to their own internal email lists.

This Add-On gives you the ability to have your
own custom IP address that you can use with any
custom domain in your account, thus custom
branding it to your business.

2. Premium Tracking Domains ($49/77 per month)
Premium domains are ideal for people who do
email marketing, blogging, Facebook ads, article
marketing, press releases or anything where
people see the link they’re clicking.

With this special Add-On, you get access to 10
ultra-premium tracking domains in your
account that you can use immediately.

3. Link Uptime Monitoring ($20/30 or $10/15 per

With this add on service, will monitor
the uptime of all tracking link destinations in
your entire account.

All tracking link destinations will be
monitored, checked and confirmed that they’re
online and the sites are up and working in real

Adding an Add-On (or 2…or 3) to your
account is extremely easy.

Follow these steps:

1. Login to your account and click on
My Account on the left.

2. Then, click on the Add-Ons link.

3. The Add-Ons page will load where you can
select the Add-On you want by clicking one of
the blue “Add” buttons.

For example, if you are adding a Custom IP:

Or adding Link Uptime Monitoring every 5

4. Confirm your selection in the pop-up box.

5. Confirm your payment details, click confirm
and your Add-On will be added to your account
and ready to use.

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