How To Track Conversions Easily With Your Links has a very powerful conversion tracking system that allows you to track every part of your sales process. Lets say that you are offereing a free report on your squeeze page, or a $1 trial and then an upsell. can track it!

How to set up Conversion Tracking

1. Create your link as directed in the step-by-step tutorial called How To Create A Tracking Link.

2. At the bottom of the page select the Conversion Tracking option.

3. Choose a Conversion Type from the drop down box. There are several to choose from. Choose which ever one suits your needs.

4. Give your Conversion a name. It can be anything you want.

There is one more field that you can utilize. If you would like to include a value amount, fill in the Values($) field.

5. Do not forget to click the Save button.

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