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How is Click.org different from Google Analytics?

While Google analytics is great for tracking basic things such as demographics, most popular content, time on site, and so forth. It falls short of a lot of other things that are more important in helping you improve your marketing campaigns and maximising your profits. For example:

1. Unlike Click.org, Google analytics does not track automated clicks from bots or identify discrepancies in clicks that you pay for. This means that if Google analytics is the only tracking tool you’re using, then you could be wasting a lot of money and not even know it.

2. Google Analytics will only track your revenue from Adwords advertising. It does not track your revenue like costs, profits and ROI from any other advertising you do which could be detrimental to your online business.

Click.org will literally track all of that and more from ANY type of advertising you do.

3. Google Analytics do not provide your stats in real time and they sample your data when you run reports. This means they’re only looking at a portion of your data rather that all of it, so their reports are not 100% accurate.

If you use Click.org, not only are all your stats in real time but we can guarantee 100% accuracy.

4. Google analytics is not incredibly intuitive or user friendly as Click.org.

5. Google Analytics does not offer near as many optimization as Click.org offer. Click.org offers about 30 different optimization feature that will not only help increase your leads but also your sales.

6. Finally, Google Analytics DO NOT provide high quality support like Click.org. Here at Click.org, we offer the best customer service and we support you through every step in your journey with us.

If you are serious about improving your marketing campaigns and maximizing your profits, we suggest that you invest in Click.org

Updated on June 28, 2018

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