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Why Does My Popup Link Not Work?

When you are setting up your popup link for your visitors, you set up a cookie duration setting. A cookie is deposited on the visitor’s computer so that the system knows when to display the cookie.


When you set up the cookie duration, it also applies to you.


If you want to test the popup, you will either need to wait for your cookie to expire, clear your cookies, or test it on inside your account.


Click.org has advanced popup options to choose from. Start by creating a new link. Once you have done that you can add the popup option from the bottom of the page by clicking on it. It is a plug and play system. So as soon as you add it to the new link, it will add the extra fields you need to choose which type you want to use. You can find some of these types below.


Remember to use them in an intelligent way so that you are not annoying your visitors but rather offering them an opportunity or by giving them something of value.

Offering your visitors something of value will hook your visitors into returning to your site in the future.

Adding Popus

adding popups


There are many different options you can choose from

popup options


ext popup


intelligent exit popup


popup delayed

On Load

popup on load



Updated on June 29, 2018

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