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Click Tracking Made Easy

Track & Optimize All Of Your Online Marketing... Can Do A Lot Of Amazing Things...

Our cutting edge click tracking software is the 'secret weapon' used by many of the world's top online marketers, email marketers, affiliates, solo ad sellers, media buyers, bloggers, small business owners and online entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits.

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Track your click and conversions in real time, as they happen.

Intelligent Split Testing

Intelligent Split Testing

Easily split test landing pages or offers and track conversions.

Track Email Opens

Track Email Opens & Clicks

Track your email opens & clicks through your entire sales funnel.

Amazing Click Tracking
Amazing Click Tracking
Amazing Click Tracking
Amazing Click Tracking
Target Your Traffic

Target Your Traffic

Target and re-target traffic to increase sales and leads.

Funnel Conversion Tracking Advanced Link Rotation

Advanced Link Rotation

Solo ad or email sellers, rotate your clicks however you want.

Powerful Features

50+ Powerful Features

Over 50 features designed to help grow your business.

Works Everywhere You Market Online...

Where Works Where Works

Click Tracking Software Built To Optimize Your Marketing was designed by marketers for marketers. It's simple to use and gives you everything you need to track, target and optimize all of your online marketing in one place.

Real-Time Stats & Live Clickstream

View Your Clicks & Conversions In Real Time As They Happen

The confusion of checking stats is gone. With just a quick look at our dashboard you'll have access to absolutely everything you'd ever want to know about your traffic and numbers.

There's no cluttered layouts, confusing buttons or need to decode the data just to make sense of it.

Instead of boring data and numbers, you get fun colorful charts and clean graphs. You can see in a glance how all of your campaigns are performing and easily make adjustments.

You can even watch the clicks come in LIVE in Real-Time on our proprietary Clickstream.

Live Stats & Clickstream

Split Testing & Conversion Tracking.

Real-Time Split Testing Made Simple & Smart.

Split testing doesn't need to be difficult or complicated. With you can set up a split test in seconds which makes testing headlines, prices or offers a piece of cake.

If you want to up your game, just tick the “Intelligent Split Testing” box and we'll compare your results and show the winner more often, increasing your conversions. It's hands off split testing.

Whether you want to compare which variables resulted in opt-ins and sales or split test mobile traffic or only want to send a small percentage of traffic to the test page... does all this and more without breaking a sweat. Better still, advanced conversion tracking features are neatly tucked away and are simple to use, so there's no confusion or clutter.

Intelligent Split Testing

Laser Target Your Traffic.

Optimize, Target and Re-Target All Your Traffic.

Marketers everywhere are missing out on sales and leads from poor traffic targeting. Here's just a small taste of how can help you better target your traffic:

  • Geo target your clicks based on the country they're in.
  • Redirect mobile clicks to mobile friendly and optimized landing pages.
  • Filter out bots, search engine spiders and fraudulent clicks.
  • Use to re-target your clicks on Facebook and other sites.
  • You can even send multiple clicks from the same person to a different landing page each time... or filter out email clicks... or rotate them any way you want.
Target Your Traffic

Advanced Link Rotation

Solo Ad & Email Click Sellers, Listen Up.

If you sell solo ads or email clicks, has one of the most advanced link rotation systems on the market. Everything is totally customizable so you are always in complete control of your clicks:

  • Set the max clicks, or max daily clicks per link.
  • Set the percent of Tier 1 Traffic to send to each link.
  • Manage how much mobile traffic you send or don't send.
  • Filter out junk clicks or non email clicks.
  • You can even add bonus clicks, add start and end dates for each link, or add link specific geo targeting to each link in your link rotator or use our "Click Saver" feature to save clicks.
Advanced Link Rotation

All The Tools You Need To
Track, Target & Optimize Your
Online Marketing is not just another "Click Tracking Software." With, you get 50+ built-in tools that help you to track, test and optimize all of your marketing campaigns on one easy to use dashboard, so you can see exactly what's working and what's not.

Link Shortening / Cloaking

Link Tracking & Shortening not only tracks your clicks, but it can also shorten and cloak your links. That means you can take an ugly long affiliate link and make it look pretty, then cloak them as well from website visitors and even search engines.

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Split Testing & Tracking

A / B Split Testing

The split testing technology of goes far beyond the typical A/B testing.

Split test your landing pages to dramatically improve your conversion rates and maximize your ROI.

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Multiple Click Rotation Models

Email Open & Click Tracking not only tracks the clicks you get from your emails, but it can track your email opens as well.

That means you can see exactly who opened your emails and when and export the data however you want.

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Multiple Click Rotation Models

Custom Click Rotator

There are so many ways you can rotate your clicks, you'll wonder how you ever lived without

Send clicks to any offers any way you want and divvy them up one link at a time, randomly or proportionally.

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Conversion Tracking

Funnel Conversion Tracking

Our conversion tracking is highly advanced and extremely accurate. It's what we do! We can track any and all conversions throughout your entire sales funnel.

Track conversions using our conversion pixel, javascript or our postback URL. We can track sales, refunds and chargebacks for fixed prices or dynamically.

And did we mention our Intelligent Split Testing Engine that can automatically send more traffic to the winning offer?

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Re-targeting Pixels

Re-targeting Pixels

Re-targeting is one of the best ways to make easy sales and if promoting an offer, buying traffic or generating your own, you can re-target it dirt cheap and double your chances of making a sale. can add a re-targeting pixel to any link or website so you can re-target visitors on Facebook, Google or any other network you want. It's copy and paste easy.

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Custom Branded Domains

Custom Branded Domains

Don't want a's short domain in your marketing campaigns? Use your own custom branded domain instead - you don't even need web hosting and there's still nothing to install.

Just point your domain to our site and add it to your account. You'll be able to use all of our fantastic features and maintain your brand at the same time!

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Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

When you have to wait for stats to show up in order to make adjustments, you're losing profits. We don't like that.

So let's you watch the action as it happens, so you can make the changes that matter most when they matter most.

With one glance, you'll know more about your traffic than the NSA!

Imagine the power of being able to instantly know which country each click came from, the exact time that they got there, when it happened, and whether they were using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

And once again, the colored charts make it “oh so easy” to see.

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